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Indie game development is hard, but we're here to help.

Indie game development is hard.

As an independent video game developer or publisher, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of things to keep track of in the process of getting a new game out the door. From building a production timeline and developing a QA testing schedule to aligning on a marketing roadmap and nurturing a community, there are so many aspects of making a game successful that it’s difficult to be an expert in everything. Throughout the process, a million questions arise:

What type of project management software should we be using?

What are Agile and Scrum, and are they a right fit for our team?

How do we come up with a PR strategy for our upcoming marketing campaign?

How does release management differ between digital storefronts and retail?

What is Discord, and should we be using it to build a community?

If you’ve had questions like these while making your game, we’re here to help. We’ve built Modus Games, quite literally, from the ground up, leveraging our extensive experience to become one of the fastest growing video game publishers in the industry. We do it all, including game production, marketing, QA, localizations, release management, PR, community management, creative services, and everything in between. In our ten+ years of publishing and distribution experience, we’ve had some pretty excellent collaborative wins, while also learning from potential pitfalls and dead ends.

Indie Access is our love letter to the industry that we call home, and we’re kicking it off with the goal to provide insight into the soup-to-nuts process of game development and publishing. With Indie Access, we’ll be rolling out how-tos about industry best practices, behind-the-scenes content featuring veteran game developers, and Q&As regarding some of the most important and relevant topics in game development and publishing. We’ve spent a lot of time working out the kinks in ever-changing digital and retail landscapes, and intend to give back by helping to make your process that much easier.

Indie game development is hard. But we’re here to help.

Head to our Indie Access Hub to get started. And from all of us at Modus Games, we can’t wait to play your next hit!

Som Pourfarzaneh, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Modus Games


Som is the Editor-in-Chief at Modus Games and has worked and written for companies and sites such as Electronic Arts, Perfect World Entertainment, and MMORPG.com. You can find him on Twitter @sominator.

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