Remothered: Broken Porcelain is Out Today! Upcoming Patches Detailed

New Steam Patch Available as of 10/19! Fixes include:

General Changes

  • Key Rebinding has been temporarily disabled.
  • Stalkers should have a harder time seeing you while crouching.

Bug fixes

  • Enemies will no longer get stuck trying to climb over rails.
  • Sometimes enemies would try to peek through doors causing them to get stuck.
  • Stalkers will no longer politely wait for you to finish peeking through a door before trying to stab you to death.
  • Crafting power ups will now be visible on a game reload.
  • Andrea will no longer glide in place after being stunned by a moth.
  • Fixed an instance of saving and reloading where you wouldn’t have a key you need.
  • Lindsay is now better at basketball, dreams one day of being star forward.

New Steam Patch Available as of 10/17! Fixes include:

  • Fixed some instances where characters appeared during cinematics who weren’t supposed to be there.
  • Texture Quality is now always properly reflected in settings.
  • Spamming the cover button will not make inputs be dropped.
  • Fixed instances where Ashmann sometimes would not aggro on Jennifer correctly.
  • Removed the ability to vault over the railing towards the end of the game.
  • Jennifer will no longer become invincible if hit by multiple enemies on the same frame.
  • You can no longer spam vault over and over.
  • Added some sound effects.
  • Some items could just disappear if you clicked the wrong button, they won’t do that any more.
  • Game used to hang when trying to load corrupted data, but now it will not display the corrupted save at all.

New Steam Patch Available as of 10/16! Fixes include:

Gameplay changes

  • Made it so that when a Stalker is actively pursuing you, most interactables like hiding spots, locked doors, drawers, etc cannot be interacted with. You can still pick up items and open doors, of course, but this should prevent you from accidentally opening a drawer and then being stabbed to death.
  • Changed Ashmann’s behavior after the confrontation in his office so that he can no longer be backstabbed. This was causing confusion among players and the objective should be clearer now.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed more instances where the player could lose control of Jennifer.
  • Enemies will no longer pull you out of a loophole and immediately throw you in a loop.
  • Sometimes Elisa forgot how to open a door. She’ll remember now.
  • Reduced colliders on the car in the garage to make shooting easier.
  • Moved a really inconveniently placed chair in Ashmanns office to somewhere more out of the way.
  • Some miscellaneous bug fixes.

New Steam Patch Available as of 10/15! Fixes include:

General changes

  • Brazilian Portuguese is now available.

Gameplay changes

  • The moth power will now bounce off of obstacles instead of becoming stuck. We will continue to fine-tune this behavior.
  • Added a 1-second buffer to the start of cut scenes where they are unskippable, to prevent cinematics being skipped by accident.

Bug fixes

  • Several situations that resulted in the player no longer being able to control Jennifer or prevented progress have been resolved.
  • Andrea will now remain knocked out after saving and reloading after acquiring her key.
  • Fixed some cases where an enemy would become stuck on objects.
  • Jennifer no longer has the ability to attack after she has been killed.

New Steam Patch Available as of 10/14! Fixes include:

General changes
  • Japanese language is now available
Gameplay fine tuning
  • Stalkers now attack with less frequency to give more chances to escape them
  • Main character movement and collisions were fine-tuned to make exploration and escapes smoother
  • Defeating Andrea now requires less attacks
  • Stalkers now grab players less frequently
Bug fixes
  • In various instances, some items were lost when reloading a saved game or checkpoint, among those Key Items and Moth Keys
  • Young Ashmann could appear alongside Old Ashmann in specific scenes
  • Sometimes throwing items would have no effect on enemies
  • General bug fixes for graphical glitches and camera clippings for specific instances
  • No icons were shown in certain tutorials

New PS4 Patch Now Available as of 10/14! Fixes include: 

  • Resolves an issue where inventory items were lost in certain situations
  • Fixes situations where the user would lose control of the player character.
  • Fixes an issue where leveled up skills were not kept on reload in certain situations.
  • Made some changes to the laundry room to increase playability.
  • Solved certain subtitles missing.
  • Fixed a crash related to using the jukebox.
  • Resolved a spacing issue causing text to appear instead of an image in certain instructional text in some languages.
  • Fixed a line of audio that didn’t play.
  • Fixed an improper animation in the laundry room.
  • Resolved a lighting error that made characters appear incredibly pale when near fire.

New Patch Now Available on Steam as of 10/13: 

  • Andrea will no longer become unresponsive after dying and respawning during a specific event.
  • Fixed a softlock that involved Ashmann killing Jennifer before opening the door to the kitchen.
  • Fixed some Untranslated text in the tutorial menu.
  • Identified and resolved a bug where sometimes settings were not properly saved.
  • Solved some audio inconsistencies in a few sequences.
  • Character skins no longer light up in a strange way when close to fire.
  • Made it so that subtitles no longer remain on screen when a sequence with subtitles is skipped.
  • “Skip” button prompt for end credits appears “B” as opposed “A” through the rest of the game, fixed.
  • Changed interaction boxes for furniture close to doors to not overlap the interactions.

Original Post

Today, we launched Remothered: Broken Porcelain on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC! Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who is exploring the halls of the Ashmann Inn today and uncovering its dark secrets.  You can check out the launch trailer here:

This October is particularly packed with some great horror experiences, and we wanted to release Remothered: Broken Porcelain early in order to give players the opportunity to try them all. These changing timelines meant that some of the fixes we had planned for console didn’t make it into the day one patch but are being resolved in upcoming patches. 

There are currently day one patches available on each console, and we highly recommend users download these patches for the best experience.  

Everything listed below is currently available on Steam and will be arriving on consoles via a patch in the coming days:  

  • Add tutorial menus to thoroughly explain every mechanic in the game 
  • Quality of life improvements 
  • Addition of the Brazilian Portuguese language 
  • Fixes skill reset  
  • Fixes for specific unnatural cloth movements 
  • Fixes a known exploit dodging certain enemy attacks 
  • Fixes specific unnatural lighting behavior 
  • Improved hair physics  
  • Various minor animation bug fixes 
  • Various minor polish improvements 
  • Various performance improvements 

We will be updating this news article and our social channels with patch information as they become available on various platforms. If you have other bugs to report or want to discuss the game, join our Discord server and look for the Remothered channel!