Modus Games Acquires Maximum Football Series

Today, we announced our acquisition of the Maximum Football IP and development on a new entry into the series has begun. Previously developed and published by Canuck Play and Spear Interactive respectively, the next game is being developed by Gamecan and FUN Labs and will

Cris Tales

Cris Tales Preview Round-Up

Cris Tales launches next month, and in preparation for the game's release, we gave press a sneak peek at some extended gameplay. The preview footage showed off the first 3 kingdoms players will explore. Check out the list below for some of the coverage! WCCFTech:

Super Animal Royale – Pricing Updates

Hey Super Animals, To prepare for upcoming platform releases, we are making price adjustments to most regions to account for currency fluctuations, balance some inconsistencies on our initial pricing, and maintain fairer pricing across platforms and regions. Each platform approaches localized pricing slightly differently, so

Join Us for the Cris Tales Voice Actor Panel March 31st!

We are excited to announce the official Cris Tales Voice Actors Panel taking place Wednesday, March 31st at 11am PDT on the Modus Twitch Channel:    Modus Community Manager, Hoagie, will be hosting the panel joined by part of the main cast of Cris Tales! The panel will include:   Kira

In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind Preview Round-Up

Press outlets had a chance to see some brand new footage from our upcoming psychological horror game, In Sound Mind, last week, as well as speak to the game's creator, Ido Tal! We were excited to show off some of the game's second chapter, and

Official Cast Reveal Cris Tales - Shows five characters inside individual circles

Meet the Cast of Cris Tales

Today, we unveiled a new ‘character’ trailer in GamesRadar’s Future Games show . This trailer introduces you to the main cast of characters who join Crisbell on her adventure. Of course, there are a huge number of interesting characters in the game who we couldn’t

Bemular Joins Override 2: Super Mech League Today

Devastate your opponents with earth-shattering combos as Bemular, now available in Override 2: Super Mech League. Check out his reveal trailer below! Based on his appearance from the Netflix anime series, Bemular’s strange alien origins give him access to deadly energy attacks that will leave his opponents scrambling

Override 2: Super Mech League

Full Override 2 Character Roster Revealed

Twenty epic mechs come together to duke it out in the arena in Override 2: Super Mech League! We've got the full list of all twenty mechs along with their move lists below. Check it out and don't forget to grab the game to experience

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