Meet the Override 2 Mech’s You Will Brawl with this December

Override 2: Super Mech League

If you’ve had the chance to participate in the betas that have been available for Override 2: Super Mech League you’ve met 7 of the available mechs. These included Watchbot, Sprinkles, Aura, Mya, Pescado, Setesh, and Vintage 

But that’s not even half! In fact, that’s only 25% of the full roster that will be at your disposalNow, for the next 6 weeks, we will be updating this blog to introduce you to the remaining cast of super-charged mechs you’ll duke it out with when the game launches this December.  

So, bookmark this page or keep it locked on the game’s official Twitter and Facebook page for more reveals!  


The only thing deadlier than a poisonous frog, is a super-charged mech frog. Cocada’s chaotic energy leaps back into action in Override 2!  

Move List: 

  • Homing Missile: Spawns six missiles that home in on a target. 
  • Drill Attack: Spinning attack that hits enemies multiple times and pierces them.  
  • Bomb Gift: Jumps back and leaves a bomb at cocada’s original position.  
  • Leap: Executes a leap towards a target and body slams them.  
  • Ultimate: Spins, creating a tornado that pulls others close, dealing constant damage to them based on their distance to the center.  


Maestro doesn’t wield the baton just for the aesthetics, it uses it to conduct a symphony of deadly damage. Maestro’s powerful passive can be manipulated to protect from incoming enemy attacks and unleash crippling strikes on opponents  

Move List:  

  • Spirit Release: Releases the spirits currently on Maestro. Effects depend on currently held spirits. Also hits enemies for a small amount of damage in front of Maestro.
    • Red: Small projectile.
    • Blue: Places a debilitating area. Enemies inside move slower and cannot use skills.
    • Purple: Applies a 15% reduced damage taken buff on Maestro. 
    • Red + RedLarge projectile.
    • Blue  + Blue: Attaches a debilitating area to Maestro.
    • Purple + Purple: Same effect as Purple but also applies a cleansing effect around Maestro, removing oiled and fire debuffs and also freeing allies from ice and shock.
    • Red + Blue: Places a debilitating area that also deals damage over time to enemies inside. 
    • Red + Purple: Applies a buff that increases all damage done by Maestro by 25%.
    • Blue + Purple: Applies a buff that increases Maestro’s movement speed by 35%.  
  • Summon Red: Summons a red spirit. Also deals damage to enemies around Maestro if not chaining.
  • Summon Blue: Summons a blue spirit. Also deals damage to enemies around Maestro if not chaining.
  • Summon Purple: Summons a purple spirit. Also deals damage to enemies around Maestro if not chaining.  
  • Passive: Additionally, Maestro is affected by passive effects when holding two spirits of the same color. 
  • Red: Automatically summons two homing projectiles every 10 seconds.   
  • Blue: 5% extra movement speed.  
  • Purple: Increases guard barrier health by +10%.
  • Ultimate: Constantly summons a barrage of homing spirits, followed by a minefield around Maestro.


Our first returning mech is a fan favorite, Metageckon. His mechanical jaw, metallic spine, and ear-piercing screech are all equally dangerous to his opponent.

Move List:

  • Laser Beam: Shoots a laser beam from its mouth.
  • Bite: Grabs the target with a bite that inflicts damage.
  • Sonic Dash: Metageckon keeps spinning while the buttons are being preside, and when they are released he does a sonic rotating dash towards the target.
  • Screech: Activates and area burst that stuns enemies making them dizzy.
  • Meteor: Turns into a meteor that falls to the ground and strikes the target.
  • Ultimate: Summons a sword and performs a dash that cuts through all enemies located in front.


Don’t let Shifu’s unassuming fighting stance fool you, this mech can deal calculated damage through a flourish of deadly attacks with a solid mix of ranged, AOE, and burst damage. 

Move List: 

  • Fireball: Charges a slow-moving fireball. Charged version is faster and deals more damage.  
  • Rising Dragon: Punches enemies and moves upwards. Deals more damage at the start of the attack.  
  • Counter: Sets up a counterattack that sends attackers flying.  
  • Mystic Pull: Pulls nearby enemies toward Shifu. 
  • Ultimate: Powerful punch that launches a fast moving air wave projectile.  

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