Them’s Fightin’ Herds Update, Super Animal Royale Season 4 Teaser, and New Trailer for Soulstice Revealed During PC Gaming Show

Modus Games unleashed a bevy of announcements during today’s PC Gaming Show for three of the publisher’s titles. Head over to the show’s Steam landing page to check out all the latest from Modus:   Them's Fightin' Herds 3.0 Update Together with developer Mane6,

Official Cast Reveal Cris Tales - Shows five characters inside individual circles

Meet the Cast of Cris Tales

Today, we unveiled a new ‘character’ trailer in GamesRadar’s Future Games show . This trailer introduces you to the main cast of characters who join Crisbell on her adventure. Of course, there are a huge number of interesting characters in the game who we couldn’t

Bemular Joins Override 2: Super Mech League Today

Devastate your opponents with earth-shattering combos as Bemular, now available in Override 2: Super Mech League. Check out his reveal trailer below! Based on his appearance from the Netflix anime series, Bemular’s strange alien origins give him access to deadly energy attacks that will leave his opponents scrambling